I was looking for the perfect rattan butler’s tray when I discovered the one made by Kalinko. Later that day I found out that this brand has much more to offer than just pretty trays.

My beloved rattan butler’s tray by Kalinko



As Londoners living in Burma, Kalinko founders noticed that it was very difficult for the Burmese craftsmen to sell worldwide so they decided to give the artisans access to the international market through an online homeware store.

Their products are affordable yet you won’t compromise on great design and quality. Kalinko is independent, ethical and adheres to the globally recognised 10 Principles of Fair Trade.

If you’re a rattan lover like myself, you’ll probably find browsing their website very tempting! Although I honestly love everything they do, here are my picks.


Za jacket. Kalinko
The Za Jacket. Proceeds from the jacket’s sales will be used to buy new looms, yarns and weaving equipment for the community, and to help support their livelihoods, giving them time to train their successors, and keep their traditional skills alive. Learn more about the project here
 For more information visit http://www.kalinko.com
Gloria González

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