While I can’t complain about the Indian Summer in Madrid (known in Spanish as ‘Veranillo de San Miguel) I must admit that this month some of my favourite Instagram feeds were giving me major envy with their travels to India. The explosion of colours, fabrics and patterns is difficult to beat.

Caution: seeing these images can make you feel an inevitable force to take the next plane to Delhi.

Hand block printing
As Diana Vreeland said  ‘Pink is the navy blue of India’  @mollymahonblockprinting


Molly Mahon at the Jaipur flower market wearind Day Dress
Molly Mahon in the Jaipur flower market wearing a dress by Day Dress (a brand every ‘hand block-printed’ lover needs to know!) Read my conversation with Molly here 


' If you've run out of time and the blocks aren't ready, pick up a brush'
‘ If you’ve run out of time and the blocks aren’t ready, pick up a brush’ @mollymahonblockprinting


The Sujan Rajmahal Palace
The Sujan Rajmahal Palace couldn’t be any more perfect @auntyb_madrid



The Sujan Rajmahal Palace
Sujan Rajmahal Palace @auntyb_madrid


Aunty b Madrid choosing colors in India
Decisions, Decisions… @auntyb_madrid choosing colours




The Samode Palace
Samode Palace @johnrobshaw


Amber Fort
Amber Fort @johnrobshaw
Gloria González

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