Directorio Deco by Gloria Gonzalez

Directorio Deco

Moiré is More

French Moire 1920s ribbon

In today’s blog post, I’m delving into the fascinating world of one of my favourite patterns,  moiré. The origins of moiré can be traced back to the medieval period. It was initially created as a silk fabric and gained popularity in Europe during the Renaissance. Moiré was considered a luxurious and prestigious fabric, often associated […] Read more…

It’s a dog’s life: decorating with canine artwork

robert kime dog artwork

Man’s best friend has been a popular subject for artists – from hunting scenes and Baroque tableaux to commissioned portraits demonstrating wealth, status and affection for the canine companions of European High Society. In this blog post, I have rounded up some of my favourite interiors with canine paintings that prove they can be a […] Read more…

San Patrignano

the solesempre collection by wallpaper san patrignano for artemest

At the beginning of the year, I had a phone call with Luca Giunta and Sandro Pieri from San Patrignano. I was planning to visit their community in Spring but as it has happened to most of 2020 plans, it was cancelled (I should say postponed as I’m still very keen on visiting them!). However, […] Read more…