A few weeks ago I received a sneak peek of Blithfield’s new collection, the Winthrop. Minutes later I found myself trying the swatches around my house: cushions, walls, perhaps an upholstered headboard? That could only mean one thing: I loved it.

Following the style of previous collections, Blithfield keeps the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. I find all the patterns and colours so versatile and easy to use in many different styles and schemes.

The Winthrop collection is comprised of eight exciting new designs. Aylesbury and Chauvet are elegant jacquards in sumptuous colours based on antique embroideries. Anoushka, a jewel tone paisley, and Simsbury, a classic floral, are complemented by colourfully textured geometrics, Amesbury, Colby, Compton and Windsor Stripe. The new designs expand on Blithfield’s tradition of beautifully printed and woven fabrics in a distinctive colour palette, inspired by documents from around the world.

Below you can find some of my favourites. I like them all but if I have to choose one, that has to be the pink/blue Anouschka ( which I’m trying to figure out where I can use it!)

Anoushka Fabric. Blithfield
Anoushka – pink/blue


Chauvet fabric by Blithfield. Winthrop Collection
Chauvet – Raspberry/Pale Blue/ Gold


Amesbury fabric - Blithfield
Amesbury – Green


Colby fabric by Blithfield
Colby – Red





Blithfield fabrics

For more nformation visit http://www.blithfield.co.uk

Images: Blithfield

Gloria González

2 comments on “Introducing The Winthrop, Blithfield’s new collection”

  1. Dear Gloria
    I have been following your instagram feed for some time and I love your photos and greatly admire your stylish interiors.
    My husband and I have moved into his family home; a large house, an hour from London. We have got a fairly enormous task ahead of us, modernising and redecorating and I wondered if you work as an interior designer and might be someone who would help me? We plan to start with our bedroom, bathroom and dressing room.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    With kind regards

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