Even if you look very closely you will find it very hard to see that Zaida Sabatés immaculate marble, brass or tortoiseshell is faux.

Based in Barcelona, this decorative painter uses traditional techniques to achieve results that are nearly as good as the real thing.

Zaida Sabatés, Decorative Painting, Faux Tortoiseshell

Zaida Sabatés, Decorative Painting

Without forgetting the past and tradition, Sabatés looks at the present adapting classical decorative painting to current trends. In her portfolio you can find decoration for public and private spaces, old stucco recovering, painting and restoring furniture or the creation of scenographies for cinema, theatre or events.

Zabatés believes that decorative painting can be as classic or as contemporary as one wants and couldn’t agree more with her.

Zaida Sabatés, Faux marble bust

Zaida Sabatés, decorative painter

Zaida Sabatés, decorative painting, faux metal

Zaida Sabatés, Decorative Painting


Images: Zaida Sabatés

Gloria González

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