Directorio Deco by Gloria Gonzalez

Moiré is More

French Moire 1920s ribbon

In today’s blog post, I’m delving into the fascinating world of one of my favourite patterns,  moiré. The origins of moiré can be traced back to the medieval period. It was initially created as a silk fabric and gained popularity in Europe during the Renaissance. Moiré was considered a luxurious and prestigious fabric, often associated […] Read more…

In Conversation: Phoebe Dickinson

Phoebe Dickinson Artist

‘I create beautiful timeless portraits that can be enjoyed by viewers for generations to come whether they know the sitter or not.’ says artist Phoebe Dickinson. Dickinson’s portraits exude an ethereal and timeless feel reminiscent of John Singer Sargent’s work. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Sargent is Phoebe’s go-to reference for her portraits. For […] Read more…