Established in 2011, Jessica Buckley Interiors is now a flourishing interior design practice offering a full range of residential design services to clients throughout the UK as well as international projects in Sydney, USA or Kuwait.

In 2018, Jessica launched her eponymous shop in Edinburgh selling fine homewares and accessories.

Jessica designs inviting, stylish and elegant interiors that reflect her clients’ unique tastes, personalities and lifestyle. Her fresh aesthetic is a result of a life long passion for beautifully decorated homes and her appreciation for living in a home that you truly love.

Get to know this talented interior designer on today’s conversation.

Dear Jessica, first of all, I would like to know when did your passion for interiors start.

It feels as though I have been interested in interiors all my life: I was constantly rearranging the furniture in my bedroom when I was a child. I wasn’t aiming to achieve any result in particular but I liked the way the different layouts changed the feel of the room. I am also very curious about other people’s homes and loved exploring my friend’s homes when I was invited to visit. It wasn’t until much later in life that this latent passion was re-ignited and I pursued it as a career choice.

Edinburgh Georgian flat 

St Andrews country house

When it comes to decorating, how would you define your style?

Our designs are often a hybrid of the clean, polished American style and the cosy, comfortable, traditional English approach to decorating.  I love to layer colour and pattern and I like to slightly mismatch in order to create rooms which feel like they have evolved gradually over time.

Edinburgh family home

Edinburgh Townhouse

Who are the past or present interior designers that you admire the most?

Oh, so many! Anna Spiro and Nina Campbell were designers I admired right at the very start of my career: I loved Anna’s bold approach to colour and Nina’s beautifully refined rooms which are always so quietly luxurious. I still admire their work today. Rita Konig and Sarah Vanrenen’s work is so fresh and relevant: they have a great way of designing rooms to look like they have been effortlessly put together. Ashley Whittaker, Meg Braff, and a host of other US designers are also huge influences on me: I love the crisp clean style of American design. The Americans do bathrooms and kitchens with great élan.

A project by Sarah Vanrenen

What part of the design process for a home/ room do you enjoy the most

Without a doubt, it’s selecting the fabrics. Floor plans and lighting and selecting furniture is all great too but the choice of fabrics is what makes it really come alive for me.

West Lothian Country House

Thank you so much Jessica!

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