Last spring, Mallorca’s Grupo Cappucino opened the doors of their first hotel in Palma’s historic  Plaça de Cort. Juan Picornell, the successful entrepreneur behind the group, enlisted Jacques Grange to decorate the 19th-century building.

In true Grange style, Hotel Mamá boasts the designer’s bold vision, resulting in interiors that are elegant, timeless,  and very liveable.

The fresh take on classics, its richly layered look and all the handcrafted details throughout make this hotel a treat for any interior lover.

Aitana’s Suite – my favourite!


Deluxe Junior Suite


Deluxe Room


Cappuccino Grand Café

The private cinema

Rooftop pool

Among other services, the HOTEL MAMA offers a sumptuous spa, rooftop pool, gym, the Cappucino Grand Café, a Japanese restaurant and a cinema (whose idea comes from Palazzo Margherita, the hotel that Grange designed for the scriptwriter and director Francis Ford Coppola in Italy) in which “the best films” will be screened.

“It adjusts your internal mood right away,” Grange observes of Hotel Mamá’s infectious effervescence. “It’s all about happiness—‘We feel cozy, we feel charming, we feel poetic.’ It’s magique, no?”


Hotel Mama

Plaza de Cort, Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands

07001 Spain

+34 871 037 437  [email protected]


Images: Hotel Mamá and

Gloria González

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